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With an aim to foster the sense of belonging and exemplify the spirit and core values of HKUST, we are now calling for submission of creative works of University Anthem. The anthem, once adopted, will serve as an official song representing the identity of the University. It will be played and sung at various occasions including the University Congregation, competitions, and other major activities and events as appropriate.

Be part of the history of HKUST, by co-creating the inaugural University anthem with us!

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Entry Requirements

  1. Form of Submission

    An entry shall be in the form of:
    1. Melody; or
    2. Lyrics; or
    3. Musical composition (i.e. melody with associated lyrics)
  2. Language of Lyrics

    If the entry consists of lyrics, the lyrics can be in English or Chinese or both.
  3. Format

    An entry can be unaccompanied (i.e. just melody and/or lyrics) or accompanied (i.e. including the melody, lyrics and accompaniment). The lyrics or music scores, if any, must be submitted in PDF files; and audio files (be it for an unaccompanied or accompanied entry) with vocal/musical demo, if any, must be in mp3, m4a or wav format. Printed copies and physical recordings (i.e. CDs or DVDs) will not be accepted.
  4. Entries

    Entries for the Anthem can be submitted by any person(s) (including any individuals, bodies corporate and unincorporate). Works co-created by multiple Participants are eligible for entry. Participants may make multiple entries for separate discrete work.

Evaluation and Selection

All entries will be evaluated by a Selection Committee, comprising professional musicians from the industry and key stakeholders, including students, alumni, current and past staff, faculty, Council/Court members of HKUST and other persons as HKUST deems appropriate. The entries will be evaluated based on their merits including but not limited to melody, composition, originality, theme and meaning, etc. The Selection Committee will evaluate and recommend shortlisted entries for the consideration of the University Anthem Working Group, which will then make recommendation(s) to the Council of HKUST for approval.

Terms and Conditions

For the full Terms and Conditions, please click here.

Result Announcement

The result will be announced by end of March 2023. Selected Participants will be notified individually.


A trophy and a certificate will be given to the Selected Participant(s), should their entry, or any part of their entry, be adopted as the Anthem.